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Fifth Generation Family-Owned Business

Circle G Farms and Feedlots, located in Northern Illinois, is owned and operated by third, fourth and fifth-generation farmers Robert, George, Larry, Gary and Chad Groenhagen. More than 160 years ago, the family started and ended every day working the land. With a desire to continually improve, the family farm has grown to include crops, cattle and multiple grain storage facilities.



For Circle G Farms and Feedlots, attention to care is essential to the consistent, high-quality product our family is known for.

We love the challenge of growing a crop every year that is better than any crop we have grown before it. Constantly studying and adapting new practices to be more efficient and produce more bountiful crops is a task that we enjoy taking on. We also love the synergy that is created between our crops and cattle. We grow the feed on our farm to feed our cattle and take their manure to fertilize the next crop we will grow. Nothing is better than welcoming a new group of cattle at our feedlot. Seeing them grow and thrive under the care we give them is very rewarding, and motivates us to do what we do. 

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